Monday, February 06, 2006

Short update time!

Sitting at work, a little stiff, a little tired, a little flaky (dry winter skin, yay!). I've got about two hours left here, then a meeting, and then back home for dinner, a trip to Target, homework, and possibly some World of Warcraft or Sims 2 tonight.

I know I haven't blogged a lot. I'm just... busy, kinda. I was having a pretty rotten week. Things are a little better now, though. Thank God for weekends and goofing off and no Monday classes. Or Friday classes. Or class until 6 on Wednesday. Yeah, you'd think I'd have it really easy right now.

Back to translating complicated scientific documents into a readable blurb. Whee!


Sharon said...

Yes, weekends are nice... So are Mondays (when I decide to stay home and feed the wood fire!)
See you tomorrow? I have something for you.....

Angel said...

Just finished my project for class (yes, at almost 2 a.m.), so I'll be there. :)