Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That was creepy...

I dreamed a novel last night. I think I know what my Fiction II writing is going to be about. Man... It's kind of a creepy dream, too. Murder and revenge and all sorts of things.

Anyway, I need a shower, and then I'm gonna go and have Simon teach me tai chi stuff. Yay! Cuz relaxing is a good thing.


Sharon said...

I can see it now...."The new, female Stephen King!!!!"

Poet said...

How was Tai Chi Chih? I don't know if Simon warned you or not, but when you do it and get into it and make it a habit in your life, it tends to...dredge things up. I was dubious when the instructor Simon and I went to told us this...but I think it's very true. I think it's like any good meditation--it brings up the things that hang out in the dark corners of our minds so that we can deal with them and find balance.

It's a good thing. I hope you find it useful.