Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whine, gripe, trudge

You don't realize how many stairs there are on this campus until it becomes painful to use them.

Every day, at a minimum, I go up and down four flights of stairs. If I'm working on a particular day, that triples. And that's just if I go to work, go to class, then go straight home and stay there. I mean, I know that most buildings around here have elevators, and if I needed to, I could use them. But I don't need them. But man... did they have to build this place on a freaking hillside?

Edit: By the way, my ankle is somewhat better. Still not sure what I did to it, but it seems to be going away. I promise I'll stop whining soon. :)

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Glad your ankle is better. So sorry I forgot to ask about it in class today! Chalk it up to 'Old-Timers' syndrome or something...