Monday, September 11, 2006


Iced chai is the most perfect drink in the world.

I am at work right now. I have very little to do, so I'm blogging. I don't even have much to say. The weekend went okay, thank goodness, so I'm not real upset anymore. Still looking for a new roommate--anyone out there interested?

Just as I predicted, starting school has made me feel better and more stable than I was over the summer. Everyone's back, classes keep me doing new things every day, I've got free time enough to really enjoy myself.

I'll be gone again next weekend, because my mother is having a garage sale and wants me to be there to help out and add my stuff to the piles.

Dreamweaver is sort of fun, despite the fact that it's kinda crappy. Personally, up until now I've enjoyed designing my blog entirely by hand (as in, HTML, CSS, typed in to Notepad and previewed by opening the file in Firefox). I realize that's not a super-professional way of doing it, but it was ok for my little site. Now... well, now I really want to know how to do professional web design and writing. The design part isn't exactly what I've been training for over my entire college career, but I bet I could do it anyway. Web stuff tends to come like second nature to me pretty quickly.

Also... I'm really really tired of describing websites. Not because it isn't a good practice--it is. But I spent much of the summer doing this exact thing. I've described over 100 sites in the past three or four months. Unless I'm doing specific, goal-driven research, I've had enough.

That's it for now. No worries; things will be fine.

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Sharon said...

Boy, I know who I can go to for help with my homework now!!!