Monday, January 26, 2004

An exceedingly pleasant day

It's just been really really good today. Classes were interesting and short, I learned a lot more about one of my professors and actually cleared up some confusion I had about him, the sci fi/fantasy meeting was fun (one of these days I'll learn to play D&D so I don't feel completely inept), and I even had a good time when I got back from it... heh heh. Okay, slightly marred by the fire drill we just had, but hey... a little cold night air won't kill me. Just exacerbate my coughing fits is all. Wow... that's a two-bit word (my dad's saying)... exacerbate. Guess my brain must be working.

I want to write. I want to be good at writing. But I don't have any ideas. Everything I can think of is so contrived and overdone and it makes me sad. Dammit, I'm creative! I really am! But I can't prove it to anyone. I think I've hit a brick wall when it comes to writing. I'll probably just keep bashing my head against the wall for a while until I end up with that one marvelous idea that will change the world of writing forever. When I'm old and gray.

There's three websites that make my week go 'round. The first is Cat and Girl comics, in which child Girl and her anthropomorphic cat Cat make witty commentary on the state of the world. Updated every Monday, go check it out. Next is Check out the Strong Bad E-mails, also updated every Monday. Last but not least is Slumbering Lungfish, a page done in the style of a weblog which actually has two wonderful features. The first is the Book of Ratings, which is updated on Tuesdays. The proprietor, Lore Sjoberg (forgive the lack of umlaut, please) rates pretty much anything he can get his hands on, and even some things he can't. The second wonderful thing is Lore Brand Comics, which is updated on Thursdays. This is another great web comic, much shorter than Cat and Girl if that sort of thing matters to you. In my opinion, Lore is a demigod. You must bow down to his wit! Now! Um... yeah. Just had to get all those in cuz I'm addicted to each and every one of these sites. I check them on the days they're updated and frequently, at least in the case of Homestarrrunner and Slumbering Lungfish, on days that aren't official update days, just to see if by some chance they've got anything new up. I'm an internet freak and damn proud of it!

So I've got this poetry class. A class I should be doing work for as I type. But I'm not. It goes back to that creativity thing I was saying. I've got nothing to say. And it doesn't help that the dear prof thinks that poetry should be entirely made up of verbs. I just can't get into that. I was raised on Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Vachel Lindsay, and other good ol' poets who actually used REAL FREAKIN' SENTENCES. I'm sure her style is good... for her. I don't even mind the criticism so much. But for God's sake, at least be OPEN to different styles! I guess it doesn't help that the two poems I've brought in for her have been crap. But still....

I borrowed a friend's blogging book that teaches how to do fancy HTML stuff and other good things. So I'm gonna go play with that now. Maybe I'll get a little homework done. Toodles!

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