Sunday, January 25, 2004

A pirate's life for me!

Well, today's been almost a complete waste. The only real productive things I've done are wash a load of laundry and straighten up my desk. I've gotten to the end of the first page of the story I'm working on, too, but it's just slow going. I'm just not any good at fantasy or sci-fi, but I still enjoy going to the club meetings, so I want to keep trying even if I'm bad at it.

Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I've seen the movie now about seven times in two months, but I just love it. I remember going on the ride at Disney World in Florida when I was 7. Out of all the rides, that one was my favorite. Pirates rock. :) Okay, and Johnny Depp. First time I saw the movie, I was surprised by how good it actually was. I expected a stupid movie produced to make money, but it's actually just fun to watch. I just wish I would have seen it on the big screen.

I've been trying to get deeper into the presidential elections now that the race has gotten so interesting. It's probably not hard to guess that I'm a liberal, and that I detest Dubya. The BBC has a pretty decent rundown of candidates' positions on some of the more important issues. Not real sure who I'll end up standing with at the real election, but these things are good to know. I'm sort of a fan of the Green party myself, but it's hard to really vote for them because they're not likely to win and it just splits up the liberal vote more. Damn politics class, spoiling my idealism.

I'd sorta planned on calling my parents tonight, but it's much too late now. I don't really have much to say to them. Hi, how are you, I didn't go to church today because I slept right through it and in any case it was snowing. I mostly miss talking to my dad, tho. It seems like I've been able to talk with him more since I moved away. When I'm home we sit up at night after my mom and my sister have gone to sleep and watch TV and talk. It's good. I never really talked to my dad when I was growing up, probably because I knew I disagreed with him on a lot of things and from watching him and my sister fight I thought it wouldn't really be possible to talk to him about anything. But now I'm older and I know how to disagree without being confrontational about it, a skill my sister has yet to learn, unfortunately (she might read this at some point, hope she doesn't get pissed cuz I mean it in the nicest way).

I've been reading about the marijuana issue over in Britain. Now, at first I'd heard that they were decriminalizing it. After reading a couple of different articles, it's apparent that it's not decriminalized per se, but reclassified. However, they also said that police officers would be "discouraged" from arresting anyone for possession. My question is, if they're not planning on arresting anyone, what's the difference between reclassification and decriminalization? Why don't they just say that it's not illegal any more and be done with it. I mean, there's worse things you can do that are perfectly legal. Tobacco is deadly, and alcohol is intoxicating, so why are those legal but not marijuana? Why not let people do whatever the hell they want to their own bodies? Go ahead and prosecute them for any crimes they commit while intoxicated, but don't make the intoxication itself illegal. I don't think that mature citizens of a country need to have the government babysitting them.

Well, now that that's out of my system, I'm sorta out of steam. I think I'll be going to finish watching my movie. Adieu and peace, everyone!

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