Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The daily blathering... much fun for me, anyway.

Well, according to Erin, there's a lot of people visiting Froyd's blog from mine. Which is to be expected because Froyd is, of course, awesome. Also interesting is the fact that I never use the link from my site to his, so it's all other people. So... yeah. Interesting.

Related topic: I went to writers' group last night and actually brought a piece. And apparently, it was pretty decent writing. Needs work, of course, but it was well-recieved. So I am happy and proud. La la la...

Uh... decent day today. Just went down to Erin's to make dinner (boxed chicken and biscuits... nummy...) and talk and stuff. That's always good. Classes were okay. My Intermediate Writng prof apparently liked my essay. I turned in the writing project proposal letter thingie today, and I hope he likes that idea, too. My plan is to do a three-part story about traveling in the west and southwest. I think I'd like to do it in a sort of journal form, telling it from the point of view of a girl driving with her dad, who takes her on a three-week vacation because she has never really seen much of the world outside of her own small town and he wants her to experience it. Or something like that. We'll see if the prof likes that idea. If not... eh. I'll find something else. I just feel this need to write about all these places I've been, not really autobiographically (geez... that's hard to type), but probably sort of a romanticized retelling. I wasn't particularly happy when I was living in New Mexico, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the mountains and the deserts. And the Joshua Trees. Those things are awesome.

Someday I'm going to have to sit down and write about all the stuff that happened to me emotionally between the time I graduated from--or even started--high school and the time I moved up here to Bemidji. It's not something I'm likely to share with people, except to say that I was really really fucked up during that time and it's something I want to remember so it doesn't happen again. And I guess I kind of want to work it through, now that I'm... better? Stable? Sane? Something like that. Through some magic combination of location change and serendipity, I'm happy now. I realize that this isn't a big deal for most people, but I spent so much time being unhappy and depressed and self-loathing that it still sort of pleasantly surprises me to find that I can deal with my life now and be happy and go to social gatherings without being (overly) self-conscious and succeed in college and do all the things that normal people do. And it's been that way for about half a year. Doin' good, oh yeah....

Now that that's out of my system, I should probably go and work on some homework. Got poetry to read (Shelley, yay!) and some Rumi journal stuff to do. Long class day tomorrow, and D&D the day after. Boing boing.... heh heh. Life is good. Peace!

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