Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Wow... rapid thoughts.

Wow... for not having gotten much sleep last night, I've got energy. It's weird... I haven't eaten a lot today and I'm not even hungry. My mind's buzzing and I've had a huge ton of energy since talking to Erin and then getting a call from Matt saying that we're moving D&D to tonight. So I've gotta be there in about 45 minutes.

I'm sorta having dinner, cuz I know that if I don't eat something I'll be miserable and pissed by midnight. So I had a pudding cup and about half a can of pineapple chunks. Might have a granola bar in a minute or two. I feel like I'm regressing back to kindergarten. Most of my diet as a college student is made up of juice boxes, pudding cups, hot dogs, mac and cheese, canned fruit.... Okay, lots of soda, too. It would help my maturity somewhat if I drank coffee or something, but I hate the stuff (except, on very rare occasions, Frappuccino, when I've got a craving for bitter sweet milk). Oh, yeah... string cheese. I have a lot of string cheese, too. Yay calcium! Oh, well. Being a kid again is fun, now that I'm mature enough to appreciate it.

I hope this energy will continue through the rest of the night. Matt promised that we'd end at midnight at the latest, but I'm not holding my breath.

It's been an absolutely beautiful day. Plenty of sun, got up above freezing (!), mild breeze... I just wanted to go out and play in the snow, but no... had to go to class. Yech.

Rumi class had me sorta pissed today. I mean, it was okay in the small groups and everything, but I'm just so uncomfortable talking about deep subjects with other people. Not to mention things like lust vs. love. I've never had a boyfriend. I've never been in love with someone. Lust, sure. I lust after lots of people. For the most part, they're either gay or already taken (or both!), so there's not anything I can do about it. Relationships are a shitty topic for me, and that's what we were sorta focused on. I don't have anything useful to say about the subject, so I sit there all quiet and people don't like that. Oh, well. I'm done with it for the next week.

I think I'm just gonna be done with this now, cuz I'm starting to type slower which indicates that I'm running out of good spontaneous stuff to say. Except.... Howard Dean is out of the presidential race. Very interesting. Maybe it'll be Kerry going up against Bush. I like Kerry. Okay, done with that now. Wish me luck and smite-y goodness! Bye.

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