Monday, February 16, 2004

High School Sucked!

I just woke up from naptime. Naptime is an important part of me not hauling off and slapping some of the people I live with. Very, very important. And now it is over.

Here's an interesting story on the value of a high school diploma in the United States. For those of you non-foreigners, do you realize that by the time they have graduated from high school, students from several European countries (**coff coff** France **coff coff**) have earned the equivalent of a liberal arts associates's degree here in the States? A high school diploma here is pretty much worthless. You can't get a decent job without some college education.

There's ways to change this, you know. First of all, start fuckin' paying teachers. Teachers are extraordinary people. They deserve more than what they get. It's time for the administrators to take a pay cut so we can get some quality education. Second of all, put money back into school programs. My small-town high school offered a grand total of one AP class (calculus), which I took (and passed the test with a 4). I know that there are a lot of other schools in the area that offered more, but the whole point is that we could not afford to pay teachers to teach advanced classes, and even if we had, most students probably wouldn't have taken them. There was plenty of money to hire remedial teachers for students who just didn't "get" basic grammar or multiplication and division the first seven times they'd seen it. But nothing was left for students who wanted to achieve more. I can't be the only one who feels that this was completely unfair.

Anyway. Time for dinner. Then time for writer's group. Ah yes, the joy of my existence. See ya later.

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