Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A good day! Yay!

I'm feelin good and I think it's the music. I got a new Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem CD set today. EVERYONE should listen to Irish music at least once in their lives. Irish, Scottish, whatever... it has the ability to make you feel really good for no particular reason except that it's so much fun to listen to. Nice when I've had such a crappy week.... I'm feeling much better now, thanks.

Actually, today has been a good one. I woke up and felt sorta crappy and accidentally pulled down my curtains trying to open them, but that was okay. One of my profs was gone today, so that cut down on my classes. And a friend invited me to join a D&D game tomorrow, so we spent much of the afternoon and evening putting together a character for me. I've never played before, and I'm excited but a lil nervous. It'll be an experience anyway.

Why is my room always so damned hot? I should have a thermostat in here, but unfortunately, the people who built this building decided that the heating system should be run centrally and just use radiators. Plus, no air conditioning. So I have to run my fan pretty much year-round. Sucks.

Not much more to talk about. I'm gonna get to homework stuff and other stuff. Adios.

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