Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I am woman! Hear me type!

I love Creedence Clearwater. I just do. More music that makes me feel just wonderful. I had Proud Mary going through my head all day. It's been a good one so far. Talked to Matt today and it sounds like we're gonna be doing D&D on Thursday this week, if he can get it all together. Should be fun, and I'm glad he changed the day again cuz I'll have work to do for Thursday classes, and it'd be sort of a pain to get it all done tonight. I've got Rumi to do as it is. That's quite enough for anyone. Also... I should work on my grammar point presentation for Intermediate Writing. And maybe even get a start on the project for that class, too... I'm going to write a three-part story based on traveling through the west and southwest, focusing on the "feel" of all the different places, e.g. how Kansas has a different sort of aura than New Mexico or California or Idaho or Wyoming. It's gonna be sort of based in truth, but I'll take some liberties with my memories. I'm getting sort of anxious to get some work done on it. We won't have class for the next two weeks, so I need to get a good start on it.

Question: Am I the only girl alive who hates talking on the phone? Cuz I do. It's not so much of a problem when I'm talking with family or close friends, but I don't like talking to strangers or, worse, leaving messages on answering machines and voice mail.

Which leads me to: Last night when Erin and I were leaving writer's group, one of the guys called back to us, "See you later, girls." Now... I was thinking about this. I wasn't too offended by being called a girl. I knew that he was just being friendly. But then I thought about a couple of super-feminist types I know and how they'd probably really take exception to being called a girl when they're almost twenty years old. I always sort of thought of myself as the feminist type, but I think it's pretty dumb to be offended by that sort of harmless comment. Another case: Last week, one of my male friends called me "honey". It was funny and I laughed at him, then later realized that that could be taken as offensive. So here's a question for you: do feminists have any male friends, and if so, do they make an issue of these sorts of things in friendly conversation? And if they do make it an issue, how in the hell do they manage to keep these friends? If I were a guy, I'd get pretty pissed off if a girl made it an issue when I thought I was just making a funny little comment. I mean, I grumble about guys with my friends, even if they guys in question are listening (I'm usually joking, of course). They don't take offense. At least... I don't think they do... do they?

Wow... lotsa thinking for this afternoon. I think I'm out of steam for now. I'll take a lil nap and come back later, maybe.

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