Monday, February 23, 2004

Mmm... Jack Sparrow....

Johnny Depp won for Best Actor in the Screen Actors Guild awards tonight. As mentioned by Erin in her blog (check the comments), he is... mmm... yeah. I don't have the same feeling for Brad Pitt, tho. For me, he's just a pretty face with nothin going on behind it. But Johnny... oh yeah... dark and handsome... Sigh.. okay, moment of drooling over.

In a somehow slightly related topic, I just got back from Writer's Group tonight. It was fun and now I'm... frustrated, actually. Hmph. For reasons other than the stories we talked about, which were extremely awesome. I'm beginning to feel like I just don't measure up, but still I keep trying. Some day...

Enough of that, then. I refuse to sink into the self-indulgent mire that is girltalk. So.... uh... that leaves... the weather. Yes. The weather is good. It's warm out. Snow is sorta melting and puddling and making things icky for walking through, but I do it anyway because I'm so happy to get outdoors. It won't last. We'll have at least a couple more good solid freezes before the end of the winter. And more snow. Lots more snow.

I've got nothing to say for tonight. I'll have to fake my way through some poetry journal shit and just call it good. So... there you go. That's my life. G'night.

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