Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Hah! I am victorious!

I have bested my computer in a battle of wits. Behold, Windows works again! And after only five days and several hours of cursing it/cursing at it. But I have prevailed. Now... I need to figure out what the heck happened to my blog's background picture, and who in the heck was messing with my e-mail. Very disturbing, that... It appears that a ton of messages were sent from my account during the time when my computer was down and I therefore was not accessing my e-mail on a regular basis. Many of them were bounced back to me. So if anyone got anything weird from me... delete it. Cuz I'm beginning to believe that an errant virus is what sent my computer into paperweight status in the first place. And yes, I have an anti-virus program. Which reminds me: now that it's reinstalled I better update posthaste.

So... laundry's done, computer's functioning, homework's been put on hold while I figure out where in the heck my printer disk is.... 'tis good to be so on top of things for once...

I haven't done any more reading today than what I did in the Union this afternoon (sorry Froyd). Tomorrow I'll have plenty of time, tho. Dune Messiah is starting out to be damn good.

Ya know the only thing that really pisses me off about having to reinstall Windows? It's not the time it took. It's not the fact that I have to now reinstall pretty much every program I had on here. It's the writing. I lost about two years' worth of work. I mean... nothing vital... but I tend to keep everything I've written, not so much for posterity, but so I can learn from my mistakes. And now a lot of it (except for what I kept hard copies of) is gone. That oughta teach me to back up my files... Not to mention the fact that now I have to retype about six pages of my writing project for Intermediate Writing. Sigh.

Okay, lots of stuff still to be done, and I have classes in the morning, so I should go. Cheers for my happy computer!

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