Saturday, June 19, 2004

A couple health updates

Yech... can't even find any good new blogs to read tonight. Even the random blog thing isn't giving me anything interesting. Just a bunch of net-speak-crazy teeenagers, whiny wannabe rappers, and lots and lots of foreign languages that I don't understand. Grr.

Almost forgot, but my mom went to the doctor with my aunt a couple days ago and it turns out that she's fine. She doesn't need bypass surgery or anything. So we're happy.

Also, my dad talked to a doctor and found out that the problems he's been having with pain in his legs and back and whatnot might be caused by his diabetes, so they put him on a different (low-carb) diet and told him that in about six weeks, it should help get rid of the pain. Fingers crossed and all.

I'm getting sorta tired. Nite, all.

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