Sunday, June 20, 2004

Weird-ass dreams

Oof. I had a couple of doozies last night...

First, I was in high school, wandering around the building. Mostly it was abandoned and quiet and windowless and creepy, but it seemed like all the little ambient noises (footsteps, doors squeaking, etc.) were creating some sort of rhythmic music. Anyway, I made it to some sort of computer class and I dreamed that I was waiting for Kvale to show up (yes, I know, weird), but he never did. Someone who looked and dressed sort of like him did, but it wasn't him.

Then I had a second dream about coffins full of mud. One was for a high school football player, and it had all of his award plaques in it, and I was trying to clean them off without removing the mud in the coffin.

The other coffin was mine. In the dream I had cancer and I was going to die soon, and as I was trying to clean that coffin, again without removing the mud inside, I was also trying to write my own eulogy.

Wow... these are ripe for analysis. Especially the coffin dream. Something about trying to look superficially good without removing the real problem, maybe?

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