Monday, January 24, 2005

Quizzie survey thingie

From here:

alphebet quiz
Artistic Talent:: Poetry... I've got zero talent in visual arts
Birthplace:: St. Cloud Hospital, St. Cloud, MN
Career Aspirations at Age 6:: Teacher, I think.
Dream, reaccuring:: When I was young, I had one about being Donald Duck and getting chased through a pyramid by a mummy. More recently, I had a series of dreams about the devil, the church giving him offerings, and myself killing him.
Elementary School, name of:: Big Lake Elementary School
Fabrics and Materials, favorite to wear on body:: Mmm... I'm a very tactile person... silk, satin, velvet, very soft cotton...I like the feeling of luxury.
Gym, work out at one?:: Nope
Memories:: Favorites? I've got lots. Dinner with friends, staying at my cousin Mike's apartment, driving with my dad
Introvert or Extrovert?:: Hm. Introvert. With a few extrovert tendencies.
Jewelry/Trinkets Worn Regularly:: Black watch. Other bits and pieces as I see fit.
Killer App, Favorite:: I'm actually not up on all the new technology stuff.
Latest Book Read:: The Lunatic Cafe, by Laurell K. Hamilton. I hadn't read it since I was in high school. Not exactly classic literature, but I get enough of that in my lit. classes.
Medications (Rx), regular:: None. Drug-free is the way to be! (ow... that hurt)
Nicknames, current:: Angel (yup, it's a nickname...), Ange (few people call me that)
Operating System of Choice (for desktop):: the Mac OS is pretty (all of them are...), but I'll take Windows XP for sheer compatibility purposes
Pets, current:: None personally, but my parents have five cats and a dog... they're mine, sorta.
Queer?:: Um... no.
Role Models, current:: Tammi. My mom. My dad.
Sleepwear, typical:: flannel pants and a t-shirt
Tough Situations, current:: trying to divide my time between friends, family, work, school, etc.
University Degree(s):: Working on a BA in English and a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing
Virginity, age lost at:: Some point in the future
Weather, favorite:: Early autumn, rainy but still warm enough to walk outside and get wet, leaves just starting to change
X-e's you're on speaking terms with, numbers/percentage of:: All. Or none. I don't have any.
Yard/Rummage Sales, do you go?:: When the opportunity strikes.
Zen Moments:: The realization that there is nothing to prevent you from making any choice you want, except yourself. And that happiness is a choice.

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