Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh man...

What started out as a terrible night ended much better than I expected. I personally started this evening crying on the phone to my mother over all the goddamn stress of school and working and moving and all that, which at the very least felt good and alleviated some of the tension. Then I got a phone call that turned a whole section of my social life upside down. After that, Grubbs came and found me. We talked about said social life, whereafter I uttered the infamous words, "Let's get drunk!" He heartily agreed, but as it was past 10, we realized that the purveyors of the necessary alcoholic substances were no longer open. So I made a phone call, uncovered the whereabouts of Erin, and changed my exclamation to, "Let's go to the Peppercorn!"

Now, being that I am still two weeks underage, I of course could not go to a regular bar. However, since Erin's beau is the bartender at said Peppercorn lounge, I could go there with no problems. He can't serve me alcohol, of course, so I ordered a cherry Coke. Grubbs, having already reached his 21st year, got a beer, and we sat and talked to Erin and things were surprisingly good. I also made a phonecall to check on a friend and make sure he was... well, not good, but as well as can be expected.

After this, I drove us to the new apartment under the pretense of talking to Phil, who was the one who informed me of Erin's whereabouts when I called the apartment in a bit of confusion. He was not there, so we watched a little bit of the Looney Tunes and then went home, where I sit, typing to all y'all.

And now to shower and sleep, because I am emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted.


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