Friday, January 06, 2006

Awake asleep

If this insomnia thing doesn't stop soon, I'm not going to be very happy. It's fine when I don't have anything to do, so I can spend hours trying to fall asleep and then sleep until noon. But once school starts... not so good anymore. So this is a notice to my brain: QUIT IT.

Perhaps another reason why I'm so tired is because I've been having very vivid dreams lately. Not nightmares, thank god. But most of them aren't fantastically good either. I had at least three distinct but interconnected dreams last night, and I can remember the events of two of them.

The first was that a friend of mine was ill and I was worried about him. So I went to try and help, and once I got there, he started to get better.

The second dream was about the only girl I can remember from high school who was ever blatantly cruel to me (guys who were mean, I can list off by the dozens, but the girls generally were okay). But instead of being mean, she was asking me for help. Except I still couldn't stand her, mostly because aside from being mean, she was also as dumb as a brick. In the dream I was living at my parents' house, but with a girl I know from up here as a roommate. The girl from up here invited the mean girl to stay the night with us because she had nowhere else to go. So instead of staying at my house, I decided to go and visit some of my current friends (who apparently lived near my parents' house? Weird geography.) and stay the night with them. I guess the weirdest thing about the dream was that the mean girl wasn't actually being mean. Instead she was almost helpless, like a barnyard animal that has to be led everywhere and given what it needs because it will never be able to fend for itself. I felt bad for her, but I still couldn't stand her.

The third dream, I barely remember, and I'm pretty sure it's the product of all the video games and fantasy books I've been reading lately. All I remember is reading a book and seeing the symbol of an inverted, fiery triangle with a list of three words that, when spoken by members of whatever group the book was about (some clan of vampires, I think?) would cause the meaning of the word to happen. The words all started with the letter V, similar in order to vene, vidi, vici, but not those words exactly. The first meant "I slay", the second had the meaning written "I wool", but in the dream I interpreted it as either "I will" or "I wound". The third had the meaning "I fall". Very bizarre.

Now that I think about it a little more, I remember at least one other snippet of dream that wasn't related to any of the previous ones. I dreamed that all of my friends were standing in a circle in the middle of a darkened hallway, similar to the front entryway of the middle school I went to. And then my friend Davis was passing out sheets of paper with an address on them and telling us that he'd moved back to Bemidji and was coming back to school.

Hm. Guess I miss him.

So this all explains why I'm still really sleepy this morning. Anyway. I've got people coming over at 1, so I need to go shower, get some food, and clean the place up a little. Yay for people!


Sharon said...

Angel, all the dreaming could be partly from your meds. Used to happen to me a lot, too. I always told my husband, 'I get more done in a night of dreaming than I do in two days while awake!'
The dreams can be good 'story starters' if you are looking for inspiration to write. (or a way to really annoy people!:))

L.P. said...

Double on the story starter. Like I had this one dream about a Kitsune, and now I run a successful furry porn website!

Yay e-commerce!

Froyd said...

I will point out that the mead is murder for sleep. it's almost as bad as a pot of coffee....even one glass will keep you up.

at least that's what it does with me, and I'm counting on that effect for the barbarian party.

garden_fairy said...

I finally stopped by your place today--and you weren't there! I will stop again soon, and hopefully run into you more next semester :)

zombi_king said...

3 part comment:
1.) good one, L.P.
2.)dreams are manifestations of the subconsious, more to the point they are manifestations of its desire to torture you and subvert the fabric of your waking life.
3.)what meds make you dream, and where can i get some? I know of only one, used for malaria prevention and its too expensive.

Grubbs_The_Mighty said...

Woot, davis, I am excited too. And as always listen to the king, hehe.
but very interesting dreams I must say.