Friday, February 24, 2006

Dreaming again

I had two dreams last night, only one of which I'm going to share this morning.

I dreamed about a rainstorm. I was sitting in the parlor at my old house with my Dad, talking. I could see through the windows that it was raining lightly outside. It was mid-afternoon. Then suddenly the sky started to get dark--almost twilight-dark. I ran into the living room and saw a heavy sheet of rain advancing from the north, and bright cracks of lightning striking the ground. I stood in the doorway between the hall and the living room and watched through the huge back windows as the rain poured down in buckets and the lightning flickered and the thunder rang out. And then, as quickly as it began, it ended. I called my sister in Chicago and she told me that she'd been watching the storm on radar and that it was one of the worst they'd ever seen.

The other dream was just too odd to share publicly.


Poet said...

That's bizarre. I dreamed of rain storms lastnight as well.

Sharon said...

Maybe you were dreaming about this snow that we got!!!!